Bloom Brunch


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City Makeup Loft is pleased to introduce our “Bloom Brunch”. This Brunch is a collective forum of community influencers, business women and inspirational participants who have an interest in improving themselves while also reaching back to help other women in need. The Bloom Brunch was created to help women focus and redefine the meaning of beauty in their lives and their communities. The goal is to develop goals and strategies that they feel will help them beautify their surroundings therefore allowing themselves and their communities to flourish.

The purpose of the collective concept is to develop a sense of accountability amongst all of the group participants. As participants you now have other members who are holding you personally responsible for making sure that you bloom within your personal life and within your communities. It is also developed to help you understand any obstacles that are preventing the members from flourishing. We bring women of all backgrounds together to not only provide networking opportunities, but to actually cultivate relationships that will help move each of the participants goals forward. As our lives begin to flourish we can in turn help the lives of others. In essence we will begin to “Bloom Where We Are Planted”.

“I Deserve Flowers” Brunch – Sept 30, 2016


Flowers are beautiful and they are truly one of nature’s more simplistic forms of beauty. Every woman deserves flowers as well as anything that they deem as beautiful. This brunch will focus on understanding how we can preserve beauty in our lives. We will discuss obstacles that prevent us from accessing beautiful things in our lives. In addition to this we will define what beauty happens to be to us. We will also establish and address the goals we have for ourselves and develop an accountability system to accomplish them. This conference is a perfect networking opportunity for women who own businesses or who are seeking to establish relationships that will help them propel their endeavors of success forward.

Attire – ” Wear a  Silly T-Shirt”

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We are asking our Participants to wear a silly  T-shirt with a comedic or positive message. Laughter is food and beauty for the soul. Let’s all laugh! 

Agenda –

10:30 – 11:00 am – Registration

11:00 am – 11:30 am  – Red Carpet, Brunch and Networking

11:30 am – 12:30pm     1st Workshop – Where are my flowers?

12:30 am – 1:30pm      2nd Workshop – Strategy Planning,  “Cultivating my garden”

1:30pm – 2:30 pm       Recap – Planting Seeds

Please click here to register. Early Bird tickets end on September 1st. The Early Bird price is $60 per person.
The fee is $70. Brunch will be provided. No refunds will be offered unless the brunch is cancelled. If you can’t attend you will receive a credit towards the next brunch.

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