5 Bad Beauty Habits You Should No Longer Practice After Age 30


Let’s face it. As we age we have to learn to adjust to our changing bodies. We no longer have the privilege of neglecting our skin, teeth or even slacking in our eating habits. As I get older, I have learned that even if I want to slack, the repercussions for doing so are far worse than the extra effort it takes to introduce good habits. I have therefore chosen to refrain from a few unhealthy habits that I was guilty of in my 20’s. I definitely recommend that if any of you are guilty of the following, you may want to take a few notes.

1. Sleeping In Your Makeup


This should be a no-brainer, but since I am a makeup artist as well, I find myself appalled at all of the stories I hear from women who insist on sleeping in their makeup. We all falter every now and then. It is expected that one day you will just be entirely too tired to wash your makeup off before bed. It happens. However this shouldn’t be a part of your everyday routine. You should be washing your face at night faithfully. As we age our skin looses it elasticity. It also becomes much more sensitive to toxins that cause excessive aging. Sleeping in your makeup is toxic to your skin and can aid in increasing wrinkles. Don’t age any faster than nature warrants. Wash your face!

2. Staying  Up All Night


The term “beauty sleep” is really a thing. Your body repairs all the damage you do to it during the day, at night. If you are sleeping irregularly or getting very little sleep, you are not allowing your body to recover. You have a higher risk of getting bags under your eyes, bloodshot eyes and of course wrinkles. Get as much sleep as you can. It is usually a good habit to allow your body to wake up on its own. If you go to bed early enough you will be able to wake up when your body is ready to get up.

3. Buying Cheap Skin Care Products


I remember a few years ago when I was searching for skin care products at Ulta. I was speaking to a sales rep and she told me that after 30 I should no longer be buying products on the left side of the aisle. This is where all the less expensive skincare products were stored. She then directed me to the skincare aisle where most items were priced at about $30 a bottle.

I am a true believer in buying products that work for your skin type. I have been very disappointed by some of the more expensive skin care brands. You have to find what’s best for you. I don’t recommend drugstore skin care products as your full regimen.You should at least have a mask or some sort of rejuvenation product that has higher quality ingredients. As I said, all skin is different. Even my mom swears by Oil of Olay. I have never been able to use this brand  and instead opt for more expensive products. This works for my skin type. The key is maintenance and not neglecting your skin.

4. Unhealthy Eating Habits


Of course we all want to indulge every now and then. It’s only bad when you forget about the every now and then and it becomes a “habit”.  Indulging in sweets and unhealthy foods on a regular basis is not only bad for your waistline, it is really horrible for your skin. Sugar breaks down the collagen in your skin once again causing excessive aging. Eating a ton of processed foods causes your liver to work over time to rid your body of all of the excessive toxins. When the liver can’t get rid of all of the toxins, they build up in your fat cells making you overweight, bloated and you begin to feel and look unwell. Don’t do this to yourself! Eat healthy. You really are what you eat!

In addition to this, excessive smoking and drinking does nothing to compliment your looks. A few drinks socially is okay but if you are smoking and drinking daily or even multiple times throughout the week you are really making your liver work over time. Is it really worth it?

5. Neglecting Your Teeth

Happy black girl with braces

As you get older, in addition to everything else getting fragile, your teeth become especially fragile. I have actually paid for being lackadaisical in caring for my teeth with a root canal last year. I also have a few fillings that have to be redone as I have cavity prone teeth. I now take extra special precautions in caring for my teeth. I even make sure I floss after each meal by carrying floss picks with me.

If you don’t care for your teeth, you won’t have any. You will therefore have to care for them whether you choose to or not. If you don’t want to walk around with dentures at 40 I would suggest introducing some very good habits of brushing and flossing multiple times throughout the day.

All in all your body requires much more care as you get older. Just like an older car you will start to need additional maintenance. You can minimize the amount of  costly maintenance that you need by keeping up with the lesser expensive maintenance. Introduce these habits in to your life and I guarantee you will save lots of money and time.

~ Kendy John is a beauty and lifestyle blogger located in the Chicago area. She is also a makeup artist, socialite and business development consultant.


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